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Who we are

FUNDAPROVA was born out of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement in Paraguay. It is directed and supervised the Schoenstatt Fathers, the Ministry of Justice and receives support from many institutions, companies and individuals.


The main objective is the rehabilitation and professional development of the participants and their reintegration into family, social, educational and working environments.


The program is geared toward youth and teens who were interned at any "Educational Center" under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice of Paraguay, without discrimination for religious affiliation or priors, who wish to participate and are motivated to change their personal circumstances.


The heart of the program focuses on strengthening the individual and his environment. By developing significant ties, it creates a space in which each participant can discover himself, his value and restore or develop confidence in himself, others, and his environment.



The socio-educational program of social integration and personal development is carried bout by :

Centro de Salud de Ypacaraí

And thanks to all the corporate and individual benefactors:

Despachos Aduaneros

José Félix Cacavelos

With the support of the following government institutions:

We especially mention the Fundación Paternitas de Chile, in gratitude for the important support they have given us in starting Casa Madre de Tupãrenda.

Fundación Paternitas


The Honorable Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay declared "Casa Madre de Tupãrenda" FUNDAPROVA a reintegration program for teens a project of National Interest, that promotes values, carries out post-penitentiary and work integration program for youths who were deprived of freedom.

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